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Sustainable Pearls Forum (Hong Kong)

The Sustainable Pearls Forum took place in Hong Kong (HK) on June 21st 2014 (9.30am-4.30pm), during the June Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair, at the Convention & Exhibition Centre in central HK.


Participants included some of the world's leading pearl producers, and pearl jewelry retailers. Scientists and marketing experts were also present to discuss latest developments in the pearl industry as well as its current and future state. This forum  highlighted the sustainability efforts of select pearl producers and presented an opportunity to discuss how the strong sustainability story of pearls could be communicated and marketed to consumers.

Building up on the Inhorgenta Pearl Forum, this was the first ever forum dedicated to pearls and sustainability, focusing on the development of a successful and healthy pearl industry.

Opening speaker

Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri (President, World Jewellery Confederation - CIBJO): Responsible business practices: global jewelry industry.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk


Dr. Laurent Cartier (Sustainable Pearls): Forum Goals and Sustainable Pearl Principles.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk

Panel: Protection of the Biosphere

James Paspaley (Executive Director, Paspaley Pearl Company, Australia): Com- mitment to minimizing ocean impact.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk

Robert Wan, (CEO & Founder Robert Wan Tahiti, French Polynesia): Farming pearl oysters in a remote coral atoll.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk

Douglas McLaurin, (Co-Founder, Perlas del Mar de Cortez, Mexico): Restoration of native pearl oyster beds in the sea of Cortez.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk


Dr. Kent Carpenter (Professor, ODU & IUCN): Marine conservation potential of pearl farming.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk

Panel: Management commitment to sustainability 

Andy Hart (Senior VP, Manufacturing, Diamonds & Gemstones, Tiffany & Co., USA).: Corporate responsibility at Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. video on sustainability


Jacques-Christophe Branellec (Exec. VP, Jewelmer, Philippines): Cultivating pearls in the most biodiverse area in the world.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk


Josh Humbert (Co-founder, Kamoka, French Polynesia): Social entrepreneurship in the Tahitian pearl industry.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk

Shigeru Akamatsu (Senior Consultant, Mikimoto, Japan): Linking sustainability and high-quality pearls.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk

Panel: Promoting sustainability throughout the value chain

Julie Nash (Sustainable Pearls): Marketing pearl sustainability: results of US consumer study.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk

Dr. Fiona Solomon (Director Standards Development, Responsible Jewellery Council RJC): The potential of certification in the jewellery industry.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk

Dr. Michael Krzemnicki (Director, Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF): Tracing pearls through the supply chain.

Presentation (pdf)     Video of talk

Closing Speaker

Louisa Ho (Corporate & Marketing Director Asia-Pacific, The Nature Conservancy): Why now? The need for innovative marine conservation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Presentation (pdf)    Video of talk



Supporting Partners of Hong Kong Pearl Forum 2014:

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation

Inhorgenta Münich

Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF

Fukui Shell Company