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The Pearl Forum (Inhorgenta, Munich) February 2014

Photo courtesy of Inhorgenta (2014)

The Inhorgenta Munich took place February 14-17 2014 in Munich (Germany). It is one of the largest jewellery and watch trade fairs in Europe. It hosted and co-organized The Pearl Forum, together with SustainablePearls. Laurent Cartier introduced and moderated the event. Julie Nash (Sustainable Pearls & UVM) also attended the event as a speaker presenting new findings on sustainability marketing opportunities with pearls. This event was made possible through generous support from the Inhorgenta Munich Fair. 


The event was meant as a forum to present and discuss current trends in the pearl industry. This included what sustainability means in a pearl context, and how sustainability marketing of pearls could be developed.


This event was filmed by Inhorgenta. All talks can be found here



Laurent E. Cartier (Sustainable Pearls)    Pearls: Introduction and Global Overview  video


Jacques Christophe Branellec (Jewelmer, Philippines)    Farming golden pearls in the Philippines  video


Kira Kampmann (Marc Harit, Denmark)    Pearls from Mexico & Cook Islands  video


Till Schoeffel (Schoeffel, Germany)    Impressions from a pearl buying trip  video


Michael Krzemnicki (SSEF, Switzerland)    Outlook on pearl treatments and testing  video


Jörg Gellner (Gellner, Germany)    Pricing of pearls  video


Nick Kwan (Kwan Collections, USA)    Selling pearls online and on TV  video


Julie Nash (Sustainable Pearls, USA)    Socially Conscious Consumers and the Marine Cultured-Pearl Industry  video