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The Pearl Forum (Inhorgenta, Munich) February 2020


Pearl Forum 2020


The Inhorgenta Munich took place February 14-17 2020 in Munich (Germany). It is one of the largest jewellery and watch trade fairs in Europe. It will host and co-organize a 7th The Pearl Forum on February 15th 11.00am-12.30pm, together with SustainablePearls. 



Sustainability: Storytelling and sustainability: The case of pearl farming in Ahe, French Polynesia

Andy Bardon, Contributing photographer, National Geographic, USA


Sustainability: Pearls, Pacific Islands and Climate Change

Justin Hunter, J. Hunter Fiji Pearls, Fiji


Sustainability: 5 Reasons Why Pearls are the Champion of Gemstone Sustainability

Jennifer Heebner, CPAA, USA


Sustainability: Pearl farming as a sustainable development path

Dr. Laurent Cartier, SSEF, Switzerland