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The Pearl Forum (Inhorgenta, Munich) February 2015

Photo courtesy of Inhorgenta (2015)


"Pearl Design & Fashion": Pearl Forum 2015


The Inhorgenta Munich took place February 20-23 2015 in Munich (Germany). It is one of the largest jewellery and watch trade fairs in Europe. It hosted and co-organized The Pearl Forum, together with SustainablePearls. Laurent Cartier introduced and moderated the event. This event was made possible through generous support from the Inhorgenta Munich Fair. 


The event was meant as a forum to present and discuss current trends in design and fashion within pearls.


This event was filmed by Inhorgenta. All links to videos of talks can be found below.



Dr. Laurent E. Cartier (SSEF & Sustainable Pearls)    Pearls: Introduction and pearl design through the ages  video


Justin/Leanne Hunter (J. Hunter Pearls, Fiji) Farming pearls in Fiji: Nature as an inspiration for design  video


Philippe Bouasse (Devarieux Designs, Paris) The top 20 pearl designs of all time   video


Jörg Gellner (Gellner Pearls, Germany) Pearls and fashion: redefining the image of pearls through design  video


René Lauper (Frieden, Switzerland) Supply and demand in the pearl industry: current trends  video