Myanmar (Burma)


Myanmar (Burma) has been a producer of white and golden South Sea cultured pearls from the Pinctada maxima oyster since the 1950s.

w Volume

200 kan (750kg)*

w Value

24 million US$*

w Type of pearls

White and golden South Sea pearls

*Source: POIB (2011)

Longlines on pearl farming concessions in the Mergui Archipelago. Photo: Vincent Pardieu.
Divers must frequently examine the pearl oysters underwater and see to the longlines and nets they are attached to. Photo: Vincent Pardieu.
An adult Pinctada maxima shell. Photo: Vincent Pardieu.
The region produces both white and golden South Sea cultured pearls. Photo: Vincent Pardieu
A white South Sea cultured pearl from Burma and its happy owner. Photo: Vincent Pardieu

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