Australia is a major producer of white and golden South Sea cultured pearls, the greatest in terms of value. Other species are also cultivated but to a much smaller degree. The industry is under strict regulations which has helped it improve environmental sustainability and a high-quality production of pearls.

w Volume

1200 kan (4.5 tonnes)*

w Value

146 million US$*

w Type of pearls

White and golden South Sea pearls

*Source: POIB (2011)

Pinctada Maxima oyster and cultured pearl from northern Australia. Photo: Henry A. Hänni
Harvesting a white South Sea cultured pearl from a Pinctada maxima oyster. Photo: Henry Hänni
Much of the work in the Australian pearling industry takes place not on land but on boats. Much of the industry operates in remote coastal areas. Photo: Henry Hänni

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