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The Next Step for Responsibly Sourced Jewelry: Prove It. JCK Online, February 26, 2019. Link to Article


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Earth Day: pourquoi les créateurs de bijoux sont-ils de plus en plus éco-friendly? Vogue Paris, April 22, 2018. Link to Article


Marine-focused seminar in Vicenza suggests that jewellery could become symbol for environmental sustainability. January 25, 2018. Link to Article


Perle e coralli sotto i riflettori in occasione del seminario CIBJO/IEG dedicato alla gioielleria sostenibile sotto il profilo ambientale, sociale ed economico. January 23, 2018. Link to Article


Pearls And Coral In Spotlight At CIBJO/IEG Seminar On Sustainable Jewellery. January 10, 2018. Link to Article


The long fall and curious rise of the pearl industry. Financial Times, May 31 2017. Link to Article


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Helping pearls keep their lustre. March 2015, Green Stilettos. Link to Article


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Cultured pearls - sustainable gems from nature. Jewellery News Asia, September 2014. Download Article (pdf)


Paspaley and sustainability. Jewellery News Asia, September 2014. Link to Article


Jewelmer: sustainable pearl farming at its finest. Jewellery News Asia, September 2014. Link to Article


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Sustainable Pearls Forum Presentations, Videos are Now Available Online. Rapaport Link to Article


Which do you think is more expensive: regular or sustainable pearls? Virgin Unite. Link to Article


Pearl sector: The path to sustainability. Jewellery News Asia, July 2014. Download (pdf)


Pearl trade leaders strive for sustainability. Jewellery Net Asia, June 29th 2014. Link to article


Sustainia100: Most Sustainable Solutions in Fashion and Resources. Eco Watch Link to Article


CIBJO at the Sustainable Pearls Forum. CIJ International Jewellery Link to Article


CIBJO President Talks Sustainability at Sustainable Pearls Forum in Hong Kong. JCK Link to Article


CIBJO Congress delegates explore sustainability, corporate responsibility.  Link to Article


Cutting edge science used to ID natural pearls. BBC, 20/05/2014. Link to Article


How technology can determine the story behind your pearls. BBC, 16/05/2014. Link to Video


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INHORGENTA MUNICH 2014 holds the International Pearl Forum for the first time. Link to Article


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